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About Justyn

Justyn Priest knows musicianship. Hailing from Spokane, his hard-luck soul style sets him apart from the standard current rock and roll-blues groups. Though he learned guitar at 15, he began using his own voice and writing his own songs fifteen years later.
Inspired by Allman Brothers, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Jeff Beck, Ray Lamontagne, and Marcus King his guitar skills paired with his natural voice make him an experience you will want to relive again and again.
Seen in: Royale (variety covers), Ron Greene (rock/pop/soul), Aspen Kye (neo-soul), Cruxie/X24 Lucas (singer/songwriter), Flying Spiders (hip-hop), Jesi B and the All Rites (experimental blues), Masterclass Big Band (big band jazz), The Folk Crimes (Americana), Trego (Americana), Meghan Sullivan (rock/blues), Vernita Avenue (experimental soul), Jesse Quandt (country), Bubble (variety covers), Last Chance Band (country), Devon Wade (country), Theresa Edwards Band (country/pop/rock covers)
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